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Maintaining the plumbing and heating systems of domestic properties is our top priority. Experts at new boiler installations, boiler breakdowns and bathroom installations, our plumbers keep your Garforth home warm and efficient. If you fail to regularly service your boiler and central heating system, it will no longer work as it should, increasing the risk of a boiler breakdown. Household bills rise, and the condition of your home deteriorates.


Arrange an assessment of your current boiler installation and pipework by calling our plumbers for obligation-free estimates and quotations. Some issues are easy to repair, but a new boiler is always the best option when an older appliance reaches the end of its serviceable life. If your plumbing and heating system is aging, it is economical to update your pipes alongside other types of work, such as a new kitchen or bathroom installation. In the long run, this saves our Garforth customers both time and money.


When carrying out such work, our plumbers inspect the cleanliness and condition of your existing boiler and pipework. A new boiler installation will ensure any current systems remain in good condition and work to their full efficiency, reducing the risk of future boiler breakdowns. New boilers also help system additions, such as smart controls, to perform to optimum levels.


Modern piping works better with new utilities and allows for greater flexibility when remodelling a kitchen or bathroom installation. Our Garforth plumbers relocate fittings and fixtures, and rearrange the layout of pipework to the specification of the designer.


LD Griffiths Plumbing & Heating also carries out repairs and replacements of individual bathroom components. Broken toilet cisterns and leaking taps are key sources of rising water bills, so it is important to fix any problems as they arise. Because Garforth is a hard water area, limescale builds up quickly, causing issues with household plumbing. Shower heads, taps and pipes are all affected. Our plumbers inspect each element of your current boiler, kitchen or bathroom installation and quickly resolve any issues.


Deposits of limescale cause blockages in plumbing and heating systems throughout Garforth, reducing their efficiency. Build-up in your boiler forces it to work harder and is a substantial reason for growing fuel bills. It also leads to boiler breakdowns, even in newer appliances. A new boiler installation ensures your home remains supplied with heat and hot water, while powerflushing reduces debris and limescale collection in the pipework.


When assessing a boiler, kitchen or bathroom installation, our plumbers consider the ongoing use of space. This ensures each room remains effective to your needs for as long as possible. One important factor to think about is the best way to heat your room space. To optimise your Garforth home, we offer a range of different radiators for living space and heated towel rails for bathrooms. A new installation, combined with powerflushing, helps to keep the entire central heating system in prime condition.


Frequent issues with your current system, especially boiler breakdowns, indicate the need for a new boiler. Make the most of your money with a joint new boiler installation and powerflush and obtain the best results.

For bathroom installations and plumbing services in Garforth, call 07885 592390.

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