Plumbing and Boiler Installation in Crossgates

Keeping our domestic clients at the heart of our business, our lead plumber dedicates himself to creating a lasting impression on our customers in Crossgates. Everyone experiences problems with their heating or plumbing at some point, and we know how stressful a boiler breakdown is. Through emergency callouts, boiler installations and plumbing services, our plumbers work hard to get your home running smoothly.


With new boilers to suit any household, and bathroom installations for all spaces, LD Griffiths Plumbing & Heating is the sensible choice for repairs and replacements in Crossgates.


Before proceeding with any work, our plumbers identify the cause of the issue. After assessment, we recommend the best option for the customer. Whether or not you require a new boiler depends on the age and condition of your current central heating system.


Some signs that a new boiler installation is the best way to avoid a boiler breakdown are:


  • Regular drops in pressure
  • Having to reset your boiler often
  • Irregular sounds
  • A beeping carbon monoxide detector


To avoid boiler breakdowns and leaks, your system requires regular maintenance. Harsh winters result in frozen and burst pipes, whilst the increased use of heating puts strain on your boiler. Water leaks cause considerable damage to floors, walls and paintwork. Arranging periodic boiler servicing with our plumber in Crossgates saves you costly repairs. Aim for checks every summer.


Prevent further leaks and potential issues with flooding or pooling water by having our plumbers inspect your current bathroom installation. Many leaks in the home stem from the bathroom.


Poor plumbing and heating maintenance also impact the health of households in Crossgates. If heated insufficiently, homes develop damp and mould which worsen respiratory problems. Cold homes cause further health issues, such as high blood pressure, pneumonia and mental illness. A new boiler installation protects your home and wellbeing. Old and significantly damaged pipes will need replacing.


A new boiler positively impacts all areas of the home, including your bathroom installation. A bathroom needs to maintain warmth as well as a hot water supply, and a regular inspection from a qualified plumber helps in preserving conditions.


When moving from a Crossgates home, it is important to check the condition of your new boiler because this is not always an inclusion of the home survey report. Our certified plumber helps you avoid a boiler breakdown in your new home by conducting a new boiler installation or a maintenance check before moving day.


A further benefit of good home management is the positive effect it has on household costs. Hidden leaks quickly raise water bills while an inefficient central heating system makes warming your home more expensive. When conducting boiler installations or repairs in Crossgates, our plumbers recommend servicing the full system. To further improve your home, we offer bespoke bathroom installations with modern plumbing fixtures and fittings.


We install a range of modern boilers suitable for different needs and spaces. With public liability insurance to £1 million, we ensure our Crossgates customers no longer need to worry about boiler breakdowns.

For plumbing maintenance and new boiler installation in Crossgates, call 07885 592390.

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